This 3-Step System Brings A Spike Of NEW Customers To Your Ecom Store Like No Other!

(WITHOUT Influencers, Paid Ads, or SEO!)
(Watch it NOW before I take this training video down...)

It’s called the "E-Contest Formula" and it’s my playbook on running contests that result in enormous profits.

This program is custom-designed for Ecom businesses of all sizes in any niches…
It’s modeled after the most successful Ecom brands that have used this exact system to leap forward their businesses.

It’s already been used by…

  • Brand-new stores
  • 6 and 7-figure stores…
  • And even 8-figure stores!

They have used the principles and key strategies to get high-quality leads that turn into frequent shoppers...

And, NOW…
YOU can get all their success secrets handed to you on a golden platter.
Don’t be mistaken though!

The "E-Contest Formula" is NOT another course…

  • It’s NOT 20+ hours of videos teaching you nothing but theory
  • It’s NOT a screencast of “click here, then click here” type boring instructions.
  • It’s NOT a bunch of untested tactics that no one is getting results in the real world.
It’s a PROVEN set of strategies and action steps…
And it’s fine-tuned for Ecommerce businesses to complement and strengthen your existing customer acquisition methods.

It's a fast and actionable A-Z program for Ecommerce stores YOU can use over and over again whenever you want to…

🚀 Launch a new product...
🎉 Restock a popular item in the store...
✉️ Get the most out of your existing email list...
🛒 Generate a stream of new customers for your store!
It doesn’t matter whether you have experience running a contest or another viral campaign before or not…
No experience is needed to use the E-contest Formula!
It just boils down to this question:

Do you want to get MORE LEADS and MORE SALES with a strategy that requires no guesswork? 🚀

Even if you’re slightly interested...
Then you definitely need this!
Again, this is NOT a course or something you put on the shelf to collect dust.
It's the closest thing possible to get a “done-for-you” contest campaign that’s designed to bring new shoppers to your store.
I know it might sound too good to be true, but it IS true!
So, if you’re already intrigued about this…
You might be wondering…

"How Much Does This Cost?"

As always, I’m gonna be fully open with you...
My end goal is to create a high-level coaching group around this formula and create a monthly mastermind with serious Ecom store owners and marketers each paying $997 per month.
That’s because no one else is teaching this method as I do here.
And it’s a proven and powerful system.
I have no doubt "E-Contest Formula" will evolve into something much bigger in the digital marketing industry.
But, I’m also aware this is the first cohort of this self-paced program.
So, instead of charging up to 12 thousand dollars per year, I’m thinking about charging a $997 one-time fee for the entire program without the coaching module.

Just a single payment of $997, and you can get your hands on… 😀

The same formula that helped David Fraser collect over 180 thousand leads and bring over 1.5 million dollars in sales!

Yep, you’ve heard that right.
1.5 million dollars in sales for just one Ecom store…
And it can be yours for only a single payment of $997.
That’s an incredible ROI!
But today I’m NOT going to even ask for $997 -- although I know I can.
In fact…

I’m going to do something crazy…

And I’m going to make this a no-brainer offer by adding a PRICELESS BONUS...
So when you get your hands on the "E-Contest Formula" today…

"Write WINNING Ads, Social Media Posts, And Emails...Without Hiring A Copywriter or Spending Hours By Yourself!"

I’ll give you my COMPLETE "templates collection" for running highly successful E-contests.
Which means…
You’ll get templates and swipes for every type of marketing copy you’ll need to run a profitable E-contest from A to Z.
  • 20 High-Converting Email Swipes
  • Graphic Templates
  • Viral Calculator
  • “Terms & Conditions” Template
  • Ultimate List of Contest Submission Sites
Landing page copy
Social media posts
Facebook™ ads
Landing page copy
Social media posts
Facebook™ ads
YouTube video ad scripts
And more!
Delivered in "templatized" form so that you can swipe and deploy immediately.
  • Hiring a copywriter
  • Becoming a wordsmith
  • Guessing what would work!
Everything laid out for you based on what works for other top Ecom stores!
And here’s the best part:
These ad templates are designed to work for almost ANY Ecom store, in ANY niche, selling products at ANY price point.
And, whenever possible, you’ll get real-life examples based on these templates.
Plus, everything you get in this bonus module will follow the 3-step "E-Contest Formula" so that you’ll put it into action easily and quickly.
This is a resource you’ll be using over and over again whenever you decide to run a new E-contest (and, believe me, you can’t stop running them because they’re so lucrative!)
These templates are just priceless.
And now you can get your hands on these contest templates for FREE… when you order the "E-Contest Formula" today!
And I’m just getting started…

"Follow the Proven 3-Step System Confidently...No Guesswork Required With This Checklist!"

Here’s an educated guess:
Once you give "E-Contest Formula" a try and see the results for yourself, you’ll want to rinse and repeat the 3-step system on a regular basis…
That’s why I’m giving you my internal checklist that’s covering the entire system from A to Z.
Whether you want to run an E-contest yourself, assign it to your team, or want to outsource the majority of the process to virtual assistants…
This never-before-publicly-shared checklist will guide you throughout the process and take the guesswork out of running hugely profitable contests for your Ecom business.
Plus, I’ll also include a "Quick Start Guide" if you order today.
So that you’ll know which traffic strategies are best for your needs the first time you use the “E-Contest Formula”.
Only on this page, you can get my private checklist and the quick start guide for absolutely no extra cost.
This is my GIFT for anyone who gets the "E-Contest Formula" today...
But that’s NOT all…
I’ve saved the best for the last...

"After Selling $30 Million of Products and Services...Here’s Everything I Know About Traffic Generation!"

Traffic is the heart of any successful promotion.
It’s also true for this E-contest system…
But fear not, you’re in safe hands!
In this special masterclass, you’ll discover ALL the traffic secrets that are proven to work
So that you can easily generate highly targeted traffic to your contest page… attract high-quality visitors… turn them into qualified leads… and then turn them into frequent shoppers.
This masterclass is like no other!
It covers all the paid and free traffic strategies that make the real difference
Including the latest trends that are proven to work for my Ecom store customers in various niches.
Normally, I could sell this course by itself for at least $997 -- but I want YOU to succeed.
That’s why… TODAY, on this page only…
This special "E-Contest Traffic Secrets" will be yours for absolutely FREE just giving my new "E-Contest Formula” program a risk-free try.
And it gets better…
Today, I’m NOT going to charge you $997 for all this.
In fact, I’m NOT even going to charge $497 -- although it’s totally worth more than that.
As a marketing test, I’ve just chopped the price to $197 for a limited time.
That’s right, only $197 for the best training on running profitable contests for Ecom brands.

Just click the big button below, complete your purchase on the next page, and get instant access to "E-Contest Formula" and all the bonuses for a very special price while you can.

get "e-contest formula" now!Get your hands on this proven 3-step formula with our best deal ever!
Get it now with FULL confidence!
That's because...

"As A Way To Show How Committed I Am To YOUR SUCCESS, I'm Offering A Full 30 Day Guarantee!"

I’m so convinced that you’ll not only LOVE the "E-Contest Formula" and all the incredible bonuses that I’m offering today… but when you implement my action steps and use my proven templates, you’ll be amazed at your results.
Sign up for the "E-Contest Formula" today, get instant access to everything I’ve listed above with ZERO RISK.

#3: Fill-in-the Blanks Toolbox

We’re providing you with all the tools you need to make your UpViral campaign a towering success, including:
  • Campaign checklist to guide you step-by-step through your campaign set up
  • High-Converting Email Templates (extensively tested and perfected over hundreds of campaigns)
  • Graphic Templates for social media sharing (and more)
  • Terms & Conditions that spell out your contest rules to avoid costly misunderstandings

#4: 5 Ready-Made Campaign Templates

Simply edit these beautiful, designed-to-convert templates with your campaign details and you can have your UpViral campaign up and running in mere hours.
These templates include entire funnels (including landing, share and thank you pages and all required emails) designed for:



Travel Businesses


Book Authors







#5: Exclusive Traffic Training

Setting up your funnels the way we teach you in the Viral Masterclass and the Implementation workshop is only step one in creating a profitable campaign.
Step two is getting traffic to your funnel.
This is critical because . . .
If you don’t know the best methods to send traffic to your campaign before it goes live, it will never get off the ground!
That’s why we’ve pulled out all the stops and added our UpViral Traffic Training exclusively for purchasers of this offer.
Over the years, we’ve tested all kinds of contest traffic, and now we’ve got our methods down to a science.
And we’re ready to share them with you . . .
Inside, you’ll discover:
  • How to promote your contest funnel on social media (including what to post, and when to post it)
  • The little-known sites where people who enjoy entering sweepstakes gather online (and how to gain momentum for your contest by posting on them)
  • Leveraging sponsorships—Wilco’s secret viral traffic weapon. (Hint: this method gets other websites to “sponsor” your traffic and promote your contest—this works even if you don’t have any traffic of your own yet)
  • Promoting your contest funnel using your email list (a great way to kick off your campaign)
  • Using Facebook Messenger to promote your contest
  • Ramp up your traffic using a simple Facebook ads formula (this works even if you’re new to Facebook advertising.)

Plus: You’ll Also Receive These Additional Exclusive Bonuses (Priceless!)

Bonus #1

Discover the secrets behind our most successful customers’ viral campaigns with 25 UpViral Case Studies.

There’s nothing held back in these case studies—see the actual landing, share pages and more used in these campaigns.
Get real-life insights into what worked from actual UpViral users. . .
Get inspiration from:
  • Gabe Schillinger, founder of Legion Beats who made $10k in just ten minutes with UpViral
  • Saastronautics UpViral campaign that took them from zero to 7100 leads in just 4 weeks
  • David Fraser’s three UpViral campaigns that generated 180k leads and $1.5 million in sales
  • And 22 other case studies that’ll get you excited beyond belief about the potential of viral referral marketing
Use the principles behind these case studies to create your own high-converting UpViral campaigns!

Bonus #2

 Weekly Live Call (The Co-Pilot Show)

Each and every week we host The Co-Pilot Show.
This is a weekly live event dedicated to get your UpViral campaigns off the ground and up and running fast.
A ‘Must Watch!’
We cover these topics (and more!) on the weekly call:
  • Live Campaign Reviews—The guys will look at your campaigns and suggest tweaks to improve your conversions
  • Live Campaign Set Up—Mark & Mitch will help you get over any hurdle you face in getting your campaign live
  • Viral Success Secrets—Big ‘aha!’ moments that lead to even bigger profits
  • Live Q & A with Experts—We feature some of UpViral’s biggest success stories live on the show. Ask them questions—because they love to share!

Bonus #3

The UpViral Facebook Group

Join other business owners in a supportive community with a single-goal—to maximize your leads and profits with UpViral.

Total Value: $4,373

More Proof Positive UpViral Flat Out Works

ClickFunnels CEO Russell Brunson Endorses UpViral

“We have more than doubled the number of clicks we send to our funnels. Get UpViral! It's really really cool!”


Michael Cooch Builds A Responsive 30k+ list

"UpViral has proven to be the simple, effective and affordable viral contest app we were looking for. It helped us build a responsive 30,000+ list in a new market in less than six months."


New User Nets Over 1000 UpViral leads

$500k+ Sales in Just 6 Days

“UpViral generated 230,669 leads and produced more than half-a-million dollars in sales, in just 6 days!“


An Extra $10k in Launch Revenue with UpViral

“I just used this the other day ... we're trying to revive a list ... and for just sending the one click out, we had 121 people reactivated ... I'd have loved more ... but 121 reactivations will mean about 20 more sales, or about 10K in extra revenue in our launch.

And just to get funky ... when they clicked on the link, not only do they get registered in the UpViral campaign, but they also were registered for a GTW event as well as receiving automatic free membership to our new platform.

And if we can get 121 from just one email ... we can go back to that list in many different ways to re-engage them ... and keep reactivating more and more of them.

One click registration through emails is bloody brilliant

Nic lucas

8918 UpViral Leads with 4 Days Left to Go in the Contest

And these are only a small sample of the UpViral testimonials we have on file!

This Special Offer is 100% Risk-Free

Here’s the deal:
Either you love every part of this offer (BOTH the course including all the bonuses AND the results you’ll be getting) or you can send a single email to my customer support within the first 30 days of your purchase and get all your money back 100%.
I shoulder all the risk for you.
There's zero risk involved on your end.
In other words, you DON’T have to make a final decision today.
Just say “maybe” and get access to the complete “E-Contest Formula” today risk-free… and if this course, templates, and all the amazing bonuses aren’t what I described them to be… or if you aren’t happy with your purchase for any reason (ANY reason at all...) then it costs you nothing.
Sounds fair?
If so…

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order Today…

My Complete “E-Contest Formula” Program $997
  • In-Depth Video Training
  • Interactive Mindmap
  • Case Studies
🔥 Bonus 1: The “E-Contest Formula” Templates$197
  • 20 High-Converting Email Swipes
  • Graphic Templates
  • Viral Calculator
  • “Terms & Conditions” Template
  • Ultimate List of Contest Submission Sites
🔥 Bonus 2: The “E-Contest Formula” Checklist $97
🔥 Bonus 3: The “E-Contest Traffic Secrets” Masterclass $997
PLUS: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
TOTAL VALUE: $2,288+
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There Is Just One Catch!

While I’m currently offering the "E-Contest Formula" program at a huge discount on this page only, I’m planning to close this page soon and relaunch it at a higher price.
This means that if you come back to this page later on, you might have to pay double or triple the price now.
And let me assure you:
This is NOT fake scarcity, it’s an honest attempt to help you take action TODAY.
That’s because…

Every single day WITHOUT these strategies could be wasted time, energy, and profits...

Once you see the results of this formula for yourself, you'll consider this an indispensable MUST-HAVE in your marketing toolkit.
And you don't have to wait any longer...
You can start TODAY, right here right now.
That's why I'm offering the "E-Contest Formula" program and all its bonuses for a low price of $197 one-time payment only.
Even though it's a one-time investment, I'm pretty sure it'll deliver an ongoing return for any Ecommerce business who gives it a try.

So, hit that button below right now and you'll automatically get access to the core "E-Contest Formula" program and all the other bonuses.

get "e-contest formula" now!Get your hands on this proven 3-step formula with our best deal ever!
It's a ONE TIME investment of only $197.
If you really think about it, it's just $0.53 per day over the course of a year.
This ISN'T a hard decision.
This is a tested and proven way to take your Ecom store to the next level, or even jumpstart a brand-new store from scratch.
All this means FAST results, and you can start as early as TODAY.
But with a condition...
You have to take action RIGHT NOW.
Click the big button below and join "E-Contest Formula" today.
I'm confident you'll be happy with what you see, and the results you'll be getting soon.
So I'd love to see you inside...
Wilco de Kreij
P.S. If you're one of those people (like me) who skip to the end of the page, here's what this is all about:
The "E-Contest Formula" is a proven system that helps Ecom stores to generate high-quality leads that turn into customers like no other system out there.
The core program shows you how to do it step-by-step.
The templates, checklists, and my traffic secrets make it super easy & quick to run E-contests that work like a customer magnet for your Ecom business in any niche!
I sincerely believe there's nothing like this out there.
And this is the first time I'm teaching this program in a self-paced format.
So, this is your chance to become one of the leaders in your industry and beat your competition.
But make sure you take advantage of this special offer before it's gone.


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